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I am a living Machine artist!!!

About Me

Hello! I am PunkerMan! I enjoy basically anything that is retro, like these styles of websites, old Macs, desktops, consoles, you name it. I've also got a guestbook, if you want to sign it, just look for the gif of the dude writing in the giant book. I'm on a quest to make the most 90's website on the interwebz.

Some of my favorite places on the web!

Michal Mjd's Website

Museum of Endangered Sounds

Text GIF Generator

Internet Archive

Psychostick's Site

The Unpikey Zone

GIF Maker

Some of my favorite songs

Wirly Jet Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Highway to the Danger Zone

I Hate Everyone



707 Song

Never Gonna Give You Up

Through The Fire and The Flames

I Want to Dance With Somebody

Let's Groove

Sell Out

Gangnam Style

I'm Shipping up to Boston

This website was coded on this stupid nugget I got for free from my neighbor. It worked when I plugged it in, but it had the dreaded Windows 8 on it. To combat that problem, I completeley wiped the 500GB drive on this nugg, and installed Linux Mint 20.3, The newest one at the time, (June 2022). It still works, as I am literally typing on it right now. Here are the specs: 1.7Ghz Pentium 3558U, 4gb of RAM, 500GB 2.5" spinning mechanical hard drive, and thermal paste from 2014. Yay. I have a 27" monitor for it, (its actually a mini TV but don't worry about it) Bose speakers that are really good, and the keybord and mouse that came with the computer. This whole setup cost me around 5 bucks, because my friend got a curved display and sold his old TV to me for 5 bucks. Monster deal, not gonna lie. 30gb iPod photo for reference.


Kalinka Club Mix

Mig Song (is very cool)


Rizhi Bestizhi

Snakes in Tracksuits

Contact Me in these places!

@Punkerman88(insta) PunkerMan(FA)

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